Tuesday, February 26, 2013

When the Air Hits Your Brain

Encouraged by Kate Dunn my contribution to the Blogging world commences. 

Without our brains we are nothing; with our brains we are everything.  

Since  the unexpected discovery and removal of a right sided meningioma brain tumour in November 2008 Dawn with a Difference has emerged

Tripping, nausea and ongoing severe headaches were not sufficient to direct me to the doctors surgery even though I was a nurse. It took a Grand Mal (now called Tonic Clonic) seizure in the middle of the night to raise the alarm.  A CT scan revealed all; surgery chased its tail. Always doing things with style; rare complications scattered my recovery; paralysis, infection, further surgery and epilepsy.

During one of my Neurosurgery outpatient visits I showered the registrar with questions: why do I feel waves going through my head, why is my head so heavy when I lean forward, why am I  so tired, why can't I concentrate for long.... his lucid (well documented) reply was: "When the Air Hits Your Brain You Are Rarely the Same". 

  • Gap: A unified space or interval - Over many years the tumour moulded its home in my head

                                                         Right                     Left
Tumour on the Right 
The dark mass at the top of my head is the tumour

  • Gap: A break in continuity; A breach - Removal of part of my skull left me with a temporary Sunroof; or technically No Bone Flap after an incredibly rare infection.

The gap in my skull at the top was my 'Sunroof'

Sunroof closed with Titanium Plate August 2009

  • The Biggest Gap: The divergence in development - No two brain tumour journeys are the same. A different path in life seems inevitable. To Cope or Not to Cope is the fundamental question. 

Mind the Gap A-Z  
will sprinkle your brains with my journey 

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