Useful Links

I have listed sites I have come across on my journey. I am sure there are many other sites which may be useful and of no particular order..

Brain Tumours
The Brain Tumour Charity - They provide information, support and raise funds for essential research into Brain Tumours.

Brain and Spine Foundation - This is where I first discovered information about primary brain tumours following discharge and they kindly sent me leaflets Brain Tumour Leaflet

Headway the Brain Injury Association - in my opinion provides some comprehensive explanations of the effects of brain injury  (interpreted by me as trauma following surgery or damage from a tumour)

Brain Tumour Support (previously called Hammer Out) provide information but also a wealth of support to individuals and families affected by a brain tumour.

Meningioma UK

The International Brain Tumour Alliance (IBTA) 

IBTA -list of worldwide support groups - IBTA provide a comprehensive list of Brain Tumour support Groups across the world. They produce a comprehensive and useful monthly email on international brain tumour news and developments and circulate an in depth magazine each year. It is well worth putting your details down to receive the emails and magazine.

BT Blog Buddies - Blogs written by others who are on Brain Tumour Journeys

Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada

Meningioma Mommas USA

Australian Brain Tumour Organisations

Brains Trust aim to provide people diagnosed with a brain tumour, access to the resources they need to put them back in control. You can request a Brains Trust Brain Box which is a tool kit of essential things to support and provide information to people diagnosed with a brain tumour and their carers.

Epilepsy Action provide clear information and advice on epilepsy, types of seizures and their management and treatment.

Epilepsy Society also provide information on all aspects of living with epilepsy, types of seizures, management and treatment

I found both of the above Epilepsy websites the source of useful information as I began to come to terms with the fact that I have Epilepsy.

Healthline - have written an interesting article on The Effects of Epilepsy On Your Body

Breast Cancer
Macmillan provide clear evidence based guidance and information on all cancers but I found their section on breast cancer incredibly useful. they also have an online community forum which you can join

Breast Cancer Care another breast cancer specific charity who provide support and information on all aspects of breast cancer diagnosis, treatment and side effects. I sent for some of their information booklets which were clear and informative

Look Good feel Better This charity run workshops on applying make up and making the most of your appearance while you are going through treatment. I attended one and could not recommend it highly enough and I wear little make up. Give it a try!

Other Rare Cancers
Leimyosarcoma  Is a cancer of soft tissue and involuntary muscle and when caught early, it can be treated. This is a link to an informative website.

Penny Brohn Cancer Care Centre a fabulous centre which provides courses and services to complement your medical treatment for cancer (They also support people with benign and low grade brain tumours=If only I had known that a few years ago!!). They support you holistically, Mind, Body, Spirit and Emotions.

The Red Cross came to my rescue when I needed the temporary loan of a wheelchair and perching stool. They were with me in 24 hours! They also support patients with cancer by treating people to head and shoulder massages within oncology units across the UK.

Mindfulness Reading

I have travelled this health journey with Mindfulness holding my hand. It is a wonderful tool anyone can easily and freely incorporate into their lives. I was given a lovely book by a friend:
The Little Book Of Mindfulness by Tiddy Rowan which I would highly recommend. It is a dip in and out type of book full of reminders of the joys of just being in the moment.

It's a Sane World, Taming the Mind by Ruby Wax helped me through chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Ruby has a degree in Psychotherapy and a Masters in Mindfulness which she undertook to gain a better understanding of her own experience of depression. She uses humour and understandable anatomy and physiology of the brain and body to demonstrate how harmful to health living in the busy world can be. And how the use of Mindfulness and Meditation can improve all aspects of our lives. I couldn't put it down but had to to try out each of the exercises she suggests and my goodness they work so well. Now I constantly say Ruby says....