Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Light work - sixty nine miles on the flat

Jacky and I stand in front of the Brain Tumour Charity banner and wave our flags as Team Tim & the 5 O's pedal to a halt at our feet.   

Their smiles are as big as their hearts. As they pose for photographs Jacky spots the familiar grin of Jon her son secured to the front of Tim's bike. 

At last he is making the journey he aspired to do.

Today has been an 'easy' ride, sixty nine flat miles from Exeter to Weston Super Mare passing through the Somerset downs. They arrive in Weston at 15.30hrs earlier than planned!

Tim and Lucy are thrilled, yesterday they reached the top of Dartmoor, (a 1,300ft climb from Tavistock) sweat dripping off Tim's nose, but feet still on their pedals! Tony is nearly always in front, the route is programmed into his wheels, he has done the ride before; in four days!! The circle of life is played out as they ride; stories of cygnets, herons, foals, even a cow crossing their path on Dartmoor spill out from  the Team. Tony's best moment was cycling past a raven teasing frogs from the grass before he ate them for lunch!

Today we turned our wheels at 13 miles per hour says Will,  

Lucy tells us the overall speed of the trip so far is 12 mile mph.  Andrew's wife Julie, serves a spread of coffee and scones on the roadside from a table complete with tablecloth!; Julie drives the luggage carriage and buffet car.

Jacky and I devour dripping ice creams on the sea front while the Team rest before we meet again for dinner...

...when Sudocream is added to tomorrow's shopping list...

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