Monday, September 9, 2013

Made it to Scotland on Puncture Day!

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Whoops resonate in the hills; The Team Tim & 5 'O's are in Scotland!

The stay in Penrith in Cumbria (Lake District) made the Team smile because the B&B owner washed all their kit and dried their shoes plus the local pub served very healthy meals. Two friends from Tim and Jane's Sardinian Holiday joined them and a good catch up ensued. They too have been affected by Brain Tumours so were keen to share in this experience.

All ready to set off for Crawford and Scotland when Tim spotted Puncture 1 for today on his front tyre. Quick change and they cycled away, the wind blowing them along a flat road. They hurtled along at 15-20 miles an hour (too fast for Tim!) but before Gretna Green Puncture 2 to Tims back tyre. But once repaired they were Welcomed to Scotland after cycling for 9 days

They now knew Tim had a tyre problem so Tim limped to coffee another record ride of 32 miles and then got to work. 

After much searching he found a tiny glass fragment embedded in his tyre which must have been causing the problem. Then just as they were about to leave Puncture 3 stopped them in their tracks, caused by another fragment of glass. So hoping that was sorted they cycled away leaving friends who'd only joined them for the morning and headed north. They followed the motorway along the old A74 all day. It was beautifully quiet and it was a constant but gentle climb.

Then Puncture 4 but this time for Andrew. Easy to sort as they found the metal wire sticking through his inner tube with ease. And onwards to lunch. Another lovely spread of rolls and cakes in a lay-by with a panoramic view of the hills.

With not too far to go Tim, now getting fed up had Puncture 5. But the offending fragment was quickly found and they arrived at Crawford, after 79 miles. 

Crawford Tartan
To a Truckers Stop!!!!. Jane and Lucy resorted to a wee dram to get a few winks of sleep. More about this tomorrow. 

Tim and Jane tell me the sun has been shining again and not a drop of rain. Of course it does that on the Righteous!!!

Haggis is on the breakfast menu before the Team set off for Dunoon 

More tomorrow under 'Tims Bike Ride Tab' at the top of this blog...

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