Sunday, June 30, 2013

Idle at the Allotment - I am a Spoonie

I drag the deck chair out of the shed when we arrive at the allotment and sigh with relief as my green chair snaps open. I drop down into the seat as I ease my camera out of my blue shorts.

I watch Mr H wander off to fill the watering cans from the water trough; the water splashes as he expectantly plonks the full cans down beside me:

With a cough I remind him I am not doing anything; my energy cans are empty.

Well... I will pick the ripe strawberries peeking from under their net and snap at the growing vegetables.

Back  home I research 'empty watering cans' and come across the Spoon Theory by Christine Miserandino. I too am a Spoonie and today I have run out of spoons.

Christines' theory is a simple analogy describing spoons as a unit of energy. She suggests that most people, particularly the young, start the day with an unlimited amount of spoons hence  the energy to do what they desire! People with a chronic illness have to plan each day on the basis of how many spoons they wake with; each activity in the day will cost a spoon; showering, dressing, breakfast and so on. Activities have to be tailored accordingly.

At the moment I am changing my epilepsy drugs so my spoon allocation each day is low. Today I woke with ten spoons and have used nine before we went to the allotment; hence my 'idleness' and joy at the sight of my deckchair...

By the way Mr H and I are starting a UK Allotment Holders version of 'Attraction' This years Britain's Got Talent Winners!!

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