Monday, June 24, 2013

Insurance For My Holiday; How Hard Can it Be?

Like booking an appointment with the dentist I make the dreaded call

Hello blah blah insurance how can we help you?

I would like to get a quote for travel insurance to cover pre existing medical conditions.

I describe the holiday location and dates of my adventure but when we arrive at the medical questionnaire my heart tries to escape my chest

With a smug grin I answer no to the usual questions; diabetes, heart problems. But we stop at epilepsy:

How many seizures have you lost conciousness in the last 12 months - aha with a light heart I say none (the only time I lost conciousness was during my first in 2008)

How many seizure drugs do you take? 

Two; my heart sinks (I have no idea how many is too many)

Do you know the cause of your epilepsy; yes, I had a brain tumour (heart drops a few feet as it tries to escape through my navel, I wonder if that is the insurance breaking point)

Was your brain tumour malignant? ...No 

Was it all removed? ...No (faced with this quagmire of questions my heart which is now below my stomach flutters madly)

Are you having any treatment at present? ...Well annual scans

Bust size? (got you!)

Anything else

Voice reduced to a whisper I add: well I have a semi paralysed leg and walk with a stick... (oh stop asking and say you will cover me..pleeeease)

Thats fine we can cover those. Anything else?

My thudding heart sinks below the muds' surface; well... I am on antidepressants... do you need to know that?

Yes definitely. 

Unfortunately we don't cover depression. My voice wobbles as I tell the lady I am happy not to have my depression covered.

We are not be able to cover you for anything if you are on antidepressants

WHAT!! My angry fingers attempt to scribble down the numbers of other companies who may be able to help.

I slam the phone down. Head in hands I moan out loud. I can't go through this again...

I do of course..eventually...and as I carefully place the phone back into its holder I whoop. 

Thank you Freedom Insure