Friday, June 7, 2013

Help I think I have 'First Degree Bingo Wings'

I am sofa dancing as we watch a film about ballroom dancing, arms raised and fingers pointed I copy the sharp tango moves. A squeal slips from my smile as I call Mr H

OMG the flesh under my arms moved; I show him my Tango arm steps:

Did it move?

 a bit ...he laughs as he names it 'First Degree Bingo Wings'

I fetch weights 

and start pumping my biceps;   

I don't want Bingo Wings.. .not 50 yet; I need to go to the Gym

You don't need the Gym; lift more watering cans at the allotment

Down at the allotment my knees cave in as  I try to lift TWO watering cans: 

The cans are like moving boulders so I collapse into my throne to watch Mr H as he does all the work.

Energy, when I have it, feels like bags of gold dangling from my heart, something I cherish not knowing if the bag will be refilled. 

Later this month I am changing my epilepsy tablets, I am in the driving seat regarding the timing of this change. I have been on this journey many times and know that energy sapping is a real risk. 

July will be being a quiet month for us so, like packing my case for a holiday I prepare for a period of low energy in the height of summer...lounger in the garden; deckchair at the allotment and sun tan here I come!!