Saturday, October 26, 2013

Musings of my epilepsy drugged brain

The changeover of epilepsy drugs to try and regain control of seizures is a sluggishly slow process; adding a new one into the pot before the old one is slowly withdrawn. At the start it is hard to see through the cloud of dumbed down brain activity. Writing a line for my blog was as tricky as getting my legs to run.  I have tried to capture that feeling in words...

Letters swirl in a kaleidoscope of colour,
Transform in their chrysalis cocoon
cups become cakes, cauliflowers are mushrooms

Clusters of words play hide and seek,
On the run from the trap of my pen
they meet just out of reach
Ideas turn to darkness as they slip into mist,
Print swirls in the midst of pale pages
as thoughts tussle without wings to fly

Like flittering butterflies sentences escape,
Paragraphs part to let them through
to soar in language laden skies

I lie in wait for a painted Lady to settle but
the pink and white mind blurring thieves make
my head close its eyes before she lands

Dawn October 2013

Picture I took in Hidcote Gardens

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