Friday, March 28, 2014

Special Moments - Happy Memories

My niece; Lois Dawn sent me a text during a break between her hairdressing clients, I have written a poem she said: (...three months before my brain tumour...)

It's my lasting memory from our holiday in Cala D'or in 2008 she said...

The sky was dark and the stars shone bright,
over the bannister we climbed
Lay on the hard scratchy grass,
we stared up at the twinkling lights.

Isn't it beautiful Dawn said, whilst staring up at the sky,
I was more concerned about foreign bugs
crawling in the grass,
wondering if any could fly.

We were hoping to see some shooting stars whizz past up above
It didn't matter that I missed them
I was just happy to lay there
next to the Auntie I love.

One of the last glasses of wine I drank with Lois beside me

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