Monday, May 12, 2014

Hair today...gone tomorrow

When Mr H rang me in the week I announced I will be feck'n thrilled when my hair falls out 

Why he giggled

Because washing it is like doing an aerobic workout without good legs to support me...

You see at the moment I can't wet the PICC line in my right arm (I cover it with a plastic sleeve) and I still have to keep my left breast dry as the nipple has not completely healed. So I shower on my bath seat with a flexible shower clutched in my wet fist.  When I am done the bathroom floor is a swimming pool...and I am a semi wet, worn out rag.

Each morning I check my brush for stray hairs. None. Again! I am ready...well as ready as an astronaut when he sits in the rocket awaiting blast off for his first trip into the unknown.

I suggested to Mr H that we checked out wigs before my first chemo... the wig shop, as my smile broadened Mr H dropped his shoulders and joined in the fun....

I posted pictures on Facebook and asked friends to vote on their favourite!  

In the end I chose an NHS wig in a shop recommended by the Oncology Centre and better still free of charge...but I might get a red one to go with it!

I have filled a box with a rainbow of soft hats and scarves. I am already the Queen of Hats!.....

I started this year with a plan to grow my hair, but Lois has now cut it; the same style as my wig...less to fall out! 

On Day 16 of my first Chemo cycle I ran my fingers through my hair and strands silently drifted out...

Today is Day 17 -  Clumps fell out this morning and my scalp is sore and feels like it is sun burnt.

When I sit in front of the laptop to type this blog, I absent-mindedly tease my fingers through the top of my head. Like clouds releasing snow, some of my follicles have opened and hair drifts into my hands and onto my lap and shoulders. I collect a little pile on my knee...

I didn't need Chemotherapy for my Meningioma Brain Tumour, but the surgeon shaved a U shape into the top of my head each time I had surgery so I have some experience of the growing back bit!

Organise, don't agonise
Nancy Pelosi

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