Wednesday, May 7, 2014

11th day of my first chemo cycle and I feel like a crumble

Like a dawn mist, my nausea has lifted so Mr H suggests I join him at the allotment; my first visit this year. I plonk my bum down on the deck chair and like a cat treated to cream, I purr with satisfaction as I cast my eyes over our plot..

Black and white flowers have sprung from the broad beans plants, elephant garlic and onions have withstood the winter rain and the rhubarb is so big it almost touches the stone wall which shelters the plot from the lane. You have done a great job I tell Mr H. 

 I grasp a rhubarb stem  and ask can I pull this out...

Yes take a couple from each crown. Last year we had to leave the new crowns to settle for a year. 

I gasp as the stems come away in my hand...

I pull tiny green weeds from between the parsnips and am in awe of the Canterbury bells and purple aquilegia which I planted from seed the previous summer. They have slept through the mild winter and have now sprung into life, last year they were submerged below white and pink cosmos.

After ten minutes of activity Mr H says right now rest and enjoy the sun I just love having you down here with me. So like royalty, I sit and watch him work...

Two hours at the allotment heals my body and mind

At home I watch as the rhubarb oozes from underneath the ginger crumble. Delicious with clotted cream ice cream..

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