Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Am I a vegetarian or an attention seeker?

At my brothers wedding in 1994 I pushed the beef around my plate before I cut it into tiny pieces hoping to hide it at the side of my plate. I kept sneaking envious peeks at the vegetable lasagne my veggie friend Mike was tucking into beside me.

The following day I made an announcement I am a vegetarian. Meat for me is history. But I couldn't turn my nose up at a plate of steaming fish and chips so I became a pescetarian

Then after my brain tumour surgery the smell of crispy bacon nearly drove me insane. One day Mr H found me tucking into a home made crispy bacon sandwich with red sauce dripping off my chin. 

When my nephew quipped that I was attention seeking, I declared...

am a pesce-crispybacon-tarian!

In the last five days, since my first chemotherapy, my appetite and taste buds have gone on strike! I have eaten dry cream crackers, the odd ginger biscuit, a packet of salt and vinegar crisps, a solitary fish cake, a bowl of stewed apple and a couple of pears.

Today when Mike takes me to the sea for the day, his jaw drops to the floor when I ask for a coke, full strength, not diet, in the cafe as we sit down to rest. 

You never drink pop

I know but this and lemonade and have been all I can sip without feeling sick. I manage glasses of water later on in the day but not before mid afternoon

My toasted tea cake tastes like a serviette so like a child I pick out the currants one by one and pop them into my mouth. They taste like currants!

On our way home we stop at my local shops. I crave crispy bacon and egg which I get from the deli. In the Nisa store Mike carries the basket, his grin of amazement spreading as I drop in two bottles of coke and 7 UP, a packet of cream crackers and two packets of Walkers salt and vinegar crisps!

Now my nausea is slipping away dinner is a tea plate banquet!