Sunday, April 20, 2014

An Easter donkey surprise!

Last Easter I sat on my bum in the rhubarb bed. This year when Mr H asked me what I wanted to do I said

Sit on a beach with Uppity, Dippy and you, hammering stones in search of fossils.

My love of natural things means the house is full of jars brimming over with scratcy, spikey shells picked up from beaches. Long stones, crazy stones and an occasional fossil.  I always want more...

The sun opens its arms as I sing I can see the sea, I can see the sea... But my battery is low so instead of sitting on windy beaches we eat strawberry ice cream on a seaside bench, placed there in memory of a loved one. The ozone tickles my nose as we watch children bend to stare into rock pools, their fishing nets held in hopeful fists, an orange sandcastle bucket waiting for their catch of the day.

When the blue sky is covered in a grey blanket we ride out to visit Walter. A pale donkey who lives in a sanctuary and is sponsored by our friend Corinne. Walter is teased out of his stable by a ginger biscuit. He saunters over in his blue winter coat and Mr H strokes his ears. I tweet Corinne a picture.

As soon as I get back I wash my hands; clean my stick handle, handbag strap, iPad cover and camera. Can't be too careful with chemotherapy starting this week..

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