Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I wanted to write something funny

I wanted to make you smile, to turn up the corner of your lips, hear you giggle. But as hard as I try, like a stubborn child the words I need refuse to settle on a page. So I take a smiley spring stroll in the sunshine. I watch the ground beneath my feet to prevent an oops a daisy when I step into a pothole. The more I hunt for words to make you laugh the deeper they crawl into the undergrowth. Even though today is a good day. The only words I could find were these...

Words lie like stones at the bottom of a pond
Pain screws sentences up in his fist
Sleep steals ideas and sets them free before I wake

Scribbled notes fold their arms and refuse to be read
A tug of war has drained my thinking tank
and I abandon half written blogs 

My head puts up a sign saying 'do not disturb'
I am on a decision making holiday
I revel in my silent mind

Photograph taken in Cornwall by my Special Friend Sue 
A peacefulness follows any decision, even the wrong one. 
Rita Mae Brown