Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A day without neutrophils..!

Bone marrow 'O' bone marrow, grow me some neutrophils...

A dear friend, California Sue, has sent some of hers in an email, others have donated by post. I think I will set up a neutrophil bank. 

Sue and I have trawled the internet, eating good proteins is helpful in general but not specific to growing more neutrophils. Sue found a comment that fresh fruit and vegetables should help, so my fridge is full to the brim of salmon, tuna and greens and my fruit bowl is fit to explode! So many legs and fingers are crossed across the UK; I think people will start to talk about a new twisted limb disease, 

The trouble is I can't do anything but sit tight, counting off the days until my next blood test. My third attempt at my second FEC'n Chemotherapy. I need to be at 1.0 but have only reached a neutropenic level of 0.7 in the last three weeks.

So I pass my days in a mixture of quiet neutrophil contemplation then noisy shouting and fist banging anger. I need more neutrophils, I need more...

Today has been amazing as I didn't think about neutrophils, Four whole neutrophil free hours! A special person came to visit, a new friend who I met by acting boldly! Jim. He brought Rosie with him and there is nothing like the giggles and gurgling of a baby to focus a mind on the joys of life!

Well that and cake!

The next day... I held my arm out as I sat in the chair, chattering like a bird who has just been fed! 

The nurse walked towards us with paper in her hands and a smile spread like butter across her face...

1.28! Yes!!! Chemo two here I come...

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