Monday, August 11, 2014

Everyday is a best dress day

I used to leave tops, skirts and dresses hanging in my 'best dress' wardrobe as I told myself...I don't want to spoil them...people to see me in them on an ordinary day because when I go to a restaurant or party I won't feel special...

Now my best dress outfits mingle amongst my jeans, joggers and jumpers and each morning when I wake, only the weather dictates what I wear.

I put on my dresses covered in a bouquet of flowers, rainbow skirts and lacy tops to wander to the Deli ten minutes away or to go to oncology for my next chemo. 

...waiting for my 5th Chemo dose

Today as I sip my cappuccino in Bath I tell Mr H that a man opposite keeps turning to look at me...

It's because you look so stunning...he says as I lean over to kiss him. 

This week I may wear my wedding dress to go on the swings at the park...

What day is it?
It's today squeaked Piglet
My favourite day said Pooh