Friday, August 9, 2013

Let Bees find Pollen

Lottie the allotment is busy with Bees. They are drawn in by blue cornflowers then discover the glory of the sweet smell of wild flowers and delicious sunflower pollen. They feed until they nearly burst. 

Bees are directed to pollen and nectar by the rainbow colours blue green and violet together with invisible ultra-violet patterns. Bees then find their hives by remembering light angles and landmarks from which they have built their navigating map.  

If I was a Bee I would revisit flowers I had just left and get lost on my way back to my hive. My Nan gave me the getting lost gene.  She and I would come out of a shop and head back the way we had come, only realising when we passed M&S, WH Smiths and Woolworths for the second time!

But it would appear that most! humans have navigation cells called 'Grid Cells' as a Built In GPS

I wonder if brain tumour cells inhibit 'Grid Cells?  Mr H is a homing pigeon. His 'Grid Cells' must be huge, firing away like fireworks on bonfire night. When we spend a day in an unknown town I walk slightly behind to ensure Mr H sniffs out the pollen while I have my head in the clouds.

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