Sunday, August 25, 2013

Like a seed acceptance spreads it's roots


Swing my legs into the bath 

Roll over in bed

Pop out

Spring up and down steps


Talk and walk


Carry a full mug of coffee without spilling a drop

Keep upright when I paddle in the sea

Burn endless energy without a thought


A bath seat over the bath

A three point turn in bed as I pull on my bed lever

I slug out 

I grab rails, look for slopes or don't go up

A ten minute walk is my marathon

Sit to talk

Take a bus, taxi, ask for a lift or delay

Half fill a mug

Flop into the sea and giggle as I get wet

Savour the good days, rest on the others

Like a seed as it grows, acceptance spreads its roots and as the stem thickens and new leaves sprout, Dawn breaks through the canopy of change.