Friday, August 30, 2013

Leaving my forties behind

As the sun rises over the horizon my big day Dawns.

Twenty nine years ago I stood in a school hall wearing a black suit, red leather bow tie and red lace gloves with a red 21 pinned to my lapel. My hair was swept to the side ready to sing Do you really want to hurt me with my favourite group Culture Club.

On my 30th I clung to the side of a basket and silently soared over miniature villages as I watched toy cars below, the only disturbance was an occasional roar of a flame.

On my 40th Mr H and I climbed to the top of Cadyr Idris in Wales where I rejoiced at the views, opened cards and ate cake.

Now as I open the door on my 50th year, mountain climbing is, for now, out of reach. Evening parties are too late as I need my zzzzzz and loud noise leaves my grey matter  trembling.

So I settle on a lunch surrounded by love and friendship. As Mr H says we have won the lottery. We have life. Love. Happiness.

Sentiments in some of the gifts I received 

Follow your heart anything is possible
People walk into our lives but only true friends leave footprints on our hearts