Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Little Stars Shine

Last night I pulled a thick jacket off its hook, grabbed a rug, gloves and scarf and stepped out into the night to lie on my sun lounger. 

Have my drugs driven me mad?

No, I was watching the sky darken while keeping my scarf and gloved fingers crossed that a few shooting stars would cross our garden sky.

Mr H held his phone aloft to locate the Perseus Constellation using an Astronomy App and we moved our loungers to ensure we had the best seats for the show.

As soon as we settled a gasp and whoop slipped from our lips as we saw a ball of flame fall from the sky's screen. Then a second star shot to the right. I blinked and missed it.

We lay catching up on the day and recalled the previous shows we have watched on this black, star studded screen. But the clouds rudely pushed their way in and took the prime seats so there was nothing to see. Another half an hour convinced us that we were going to miss the rest of the show. 

And I need my beauty sleep to stop the meteor showers in my brain from ruining the next day. zzzzzzzzzzz

Maybe tonight we will keep our front seats for the show but the clouds over us are already queuing for tickets.

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