Saturday, January 11, 2014

Neglected housework!

At the moment, like a resting seal, I plonk myself down on the settee several times in the day. No radio. No music. No TV. It feels like a set back, but I know not to dwell, to let things be as my brain gradually adapts to my recent Anti Epilepsy Drug, dose increase. 

I stare out of the window at my limp bird feeders and am shocked at the scarcity of tweeters, a few arrive, take a sniff then swoop away, their wings drooping with disappointment! I wonder what's wrong I say to  Mr H when he walks, fully suited, through the door.

The next morning I step outside to check and discover the peanuts have wrapped themselves together in a blue furry coat to shelter from the rain, the sunflower seeds have melted into sludge. Neglect! I yank on my yellow garden gloves and set to. The Peanut feeder is beyond rescue and I bury it in the bin. I dig out the sunflower slime with a knife and after more washes than I have had  this week I soak them in disinfectant as I grieve for the unfed birds. I should have followed the RSPB Advice on Hygiene for bird feeding...

Saturday morning I wake to the sound of tweeting, but as 'rushing' was tipped out of my life long ago, I saunter with a hobble downstairs to check.

Seven goldfinches flitter from branch to feeder as they take turns to peck out their breakfast, two blue tits and a robin patiently wait their turn before hitting the peanuts instead. I squeal Mr H my children are back!

Picture from the RSPB

In order to see birds it is necessary to become part of the silence
Robert Lynd