Friday, January 24, 2014

New Year. New Hair Style. New Life

The last time my hair was past my shoulders I was sweet fourteen. It was as brown as the mud in our allotment and either tied up in bunches or lay lazily and unbrushed on my shoulders scraped back with a pale blue Alice band.  But my denial of all fashionable things nearly drove my sis Mandy insane. Then after one day too many of no brushing they 'made' me have it cut Purdy Style!

I hated it and cried rainfalls while staring at myself in Mums bedroom mirror. But it was cut. I never had it long again....

...Over the last couple of weeks I have shredded my old life. Filled two huge green bins with it. Gone.

I couldn't have shredded it last year. But now as each page of degree work, nursing documentation, letters from old jobs, old house moves, meet the sharp teeth. I feel lighter. So light I almost floated to the hairdressers. 

I accidentally missed my hair appointment on the 2nd January, so today I tell Toby: I want to go blonder and keep the length. I'm growing it you see...

A lady I admire said today:
You can't change your past. But you can do something about your Future!

Well Future here I come I hope you are ready for me...!!