Sunday, July 28, 2013

Kaleidoscope - a fairy garden

With a cheeky grin on Valentines Day, Mr H presented me with a gift...

I smiled and left it on top of the piano.

Then in need of some seeds for the allotment I opened the box. A small yellow plastic propagator, a round of compacted soil and a tiny packet of seeds fell out followed by flying fairy stickers.

I wet the compost and magically it grew and grew until it filled the propagator.  I sprinkled the seeds and watched them on the kitchen window ledge. They sprouted into hundreds of green shoots which packed the tray like visitors at the Chelsea flower show.

I carefully split the fragile seedlings into pots and promoted them to the greenhouse where they continued to shoot towards the sky until I was forced to transplant them into  'Lottie's' flower beds. There I sprinkled magic dust and waited....

Each time we water the allotment I skip (I wish) in a circle around the flowers singing to Mr H...

 "I grew these flowers from seed;  I grew these flowers from seed; heh ho the poppy  O; I grew these flowers from seed!"

Red and pink poppies sway in the breeze;  pink and blue cornflowers bob on their stems

Wild flowers which for me have no name, twinkle in the sun..... 

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