Sunday, July 14, 2013

Just the passage of time

As my half century gallops towards me, my celebrations of a decade before play like a cine-film in my mind... 

...Mr H says what do you want to for your big day?

Climb a mountain is my reply

Are you serious

Absolutely. I want to climb the 2930 feet (893 metres) of Cadair Idris

We plan our trip and with spirits already on the mountain peak, travel to Wales the day before my birthday ready for an early start. On the pony trail a mountain of steps face us which we clamber without a thought as we find our climbing rhythm. The gravel path crunches under our feet then changes to uneven grass, we ooohh and ahhh as the wave of hills appear before us; behind which the peak of Cadyr Idris still hides.

We eat a picnic overlooking Llyn Cau, the inviting lake cries out to be swam in, not today though.

But on the shale covered mountainside unexpected fear roots me to the spot as dizziness does a dance in my head.  I sit as Mr H feeds me chocolate and water. Hand in hand he pulls me up until we leave the shale side behind.

Hands on hips breathing hard we reach the summit. Mr H pulls cards, cake and champagne out of his rucksack as he sings Happy Birthday. I make a pact to climb another mountain on my 50th birthday.

But now I am nearly there, as I celebrate life, part of me will yearn to be once again Queen of the Mountain.

Cadair Idris 2003
At the Mountain Peak opening cards in the mist

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