Thursday, July 18, 2013

Journey on a bike from bottom to top

To cycle the 1000 miles from the bottom of the UK to the top, Lands End to John O'Groats; takes a fit person between ten and fourteen days, buckets of sweat and a dose of pain!

My cousin Tim Haslam, his wife Jane and friends, Lucy, Will, Andrew and Tony are planning this journey starting on August 31st.

Tim set himself this challenge as he reaches the half century milestone; the others are joining him for the ride!

The team have been training hard; even cycling in their sleep. Last weekend they were not, like me, in the garden snoozing in the 30 degrees sunshine. They were sizzling on the roads turning wheels for a mere 75 miles.

Their challenge starts in Cornwall at Lands end, then they pass through Exeter, Weston Supermare, Hereford, Ludlow, Chester, Slaidburn, Penrith, Crawford, Dunoon, Inverary, GlenCoe, Inverness, Altnaharrah and finally arrive at John O’Groats.

Tim will carry a photo of my dear friend Jon whose ambition to travel to the farthest point in the north and south was thwarted by his brain tumour. He will make it at last. I will be cheering them on in spirit.

The Team are raising money for two charities so If you would like to Donate to encourage these brave people;  please click the Donate link here. 

Their chosen charities are The Brain Tumour Charity and the Get ahead Charitable Trust. 

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