Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Kate and William celebrate their first baby as I celebrate a first too...

I woke today with quivers in my tummy. I pack my rucksack and trundle to the bus stop.

I press the button and the ding tells the driver I want him to stop. I clamber slowly off and stick, hitch foot, stick, hitch foot my way to the crossing.

I grab the hand rail to enter my destination. The swimming pool. 

The flutters are now crashing waves.

I pay my fee and go into the changing rooms. Costume on I walk alone for the first time to the pool.

Hand my ticket to the lifeguard and ask him where Bill is. He points to the third lane. 

I drag my feet towards the lane.

He stops and looks up from the water in the big pool.

Are you Bill?  I'm Dawn... here for my first swimming lesson.

He smiles.

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