Friday, March 8, 2013

Bad Days Gate Crash Parties

I woke to nausea, a bad day has gate crashed the party. A shower flattens my recharged battery. No power left to dry my hair. The nausea could be one of my seizure auras or Blogging overload.  

Like a petulant child my weighty head screams at me to lie flat. The sofa beckons. The bed never hangs onto me, that would mean I am sick.

Mr H will frown when he finds out I have still written my Blog. But distraction occasionally works. As I type my right hand does an involuntary dance all over the keyboard, I am trying to type using my novice touch typing skills; o’s become i’s, e’s are r’s; my aim is for a Mary Poppins level, practically perfect; but for now the spell checker rescues me.

Out of the corner of my eye  I spy birds in the back garden wrestling mid air for the feeders, this is a first but I couldn't care less.

Experience has taught me not to go to war with these days. If I do the grey cloud gets darker and rain falls down my face. My counsellor has taught me to be good to me; watch my favourite DVD, read a good book and rest like my body is telling me. Brain Fatigue has taken control.

Like a sun lounger on a bright hot day the sofa draws me in; once the grocery delivery has arrived I will succumb. My dear friend Sue is visiting later; I will let her prepare lunch….