Saturday, March 16, 2013

Dip in the Baby Pool

Cold water…my leg shoots out like a rod of iron. 

In Caribbean Calypso – The Kindness of Strangers... I learnt an important lesson...

...Warm water…I close my eyes… sunshine filtered by plastic units. No squealing children we are alone, the empty hour, our little secret. The lifeguard gazes down from his high chair...looks away when I catch him watching.

I roll over like a listing ship when I first try to float on my back. More rudder work and I stay stable. Once afloat my lazy leg refuses to anchor. Full steam ahead in the arm engine room and I am upright. 

I  touch the floor with ease, grinning I complete my first one legged five metre width. I award myself a bronze medal. 10 widths without stopping will be Gold.

Without Sues arm the treacherous trek from changing room to pool would be like a walk on ice. I wear latex crampons. I am verruca free. 

Regular visits amidst curious looks…occasionally joined by a mother and baby. Other adults wander over to discover the delight of our Caribbean sea. Chattering divides our swims.

Buoyancy makes leg exercises easier, next visit I will cycle to my Mom's house and back! 

Equal races are staged between Sue and I. 

Breast stroke…one leg furiously flapping. I win. 
No legs just arms. I win. 
One leg competes against two. We draw. 
My strong upper body aids my one legged challenges.  
Two legged crawl against one legged breast stroke. I loose. Sue claps as we giggle. 

More curious stares from the life guard....