Thursday, March 7, 2013

Blogs and Books on My Brain

I am a social media laggard, own a wind up mobile phone, have only just bought a kindle and prefer a conversation to an email. So starting a Blog is like pulling the duvet off on a cold winter morning, it has tugged me out of my comfort zone!

If all else fails read the user manual has always been my philosophy. A Blog I have been following +shamozal (4 kids, 20 suitcases & a beagle) posted a picture of The Rough Guide to Blogging. I have yet to read the copy I have bought…

I am bubbling about Blogging, I text daily updates of my page view rate to Mr H.  I hope to go Viral…there is something bizarre about that as my nursing career focused on preventing infections.

I started writing in a note book after discharge from hospital; much of it was illegible as the anger, frustration and sadness hit the pages like hail stones, ripping holes with their force.

As Forrest Gump took to running, I littered note book after note book with words. Note book and pen are my companions, they come with me wherever I go; like reading glasses when I left 40 years behind, I have three on the go at a time.

A picture of a changing life emerges; gradually the light begins to shine through the lines.

I frown with concentration to make my notes legible so self taught touch typing provides another grey matter challenge.

Like a rainbow slowly showing itself, the contents of a book begin to take shape. Welcomed into the arms of +Kate Dunns’ inspiring group, writing becomes my new career… 

In the words of Robert Bresson:

Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen