Monday, March 18, 2013

Day Out With My Special Girl

A day out is due....  Lois my niece is the chauffeur. 

Dawdling a thing of the past...a list of shops is hatched...four at tops...the shortest route mapped out.

Parked up, coffee and lunch stokes our engine before we cross the start line. 

I drool over Radley hand bags... Lois magnetically drawn to the latest fashions; cropped tops, skinny jeans and skin-tight dresses.

Seat radar on full alert the shoe department beckons. I perch my bum. Lois my personal shopper, dangles potential purchases in search of my and brown handbag gets a shake of the head, blue and pink T shirts are a done deal...she costs me a fortune!

I pick carefully...retail therapy research has taught me that one try on session drains my tank. Nausea stops me spending.. another coffee stop required.

We recall my first outing after the surgery. Safely secured in my Nan's wheelchair, pushed along by my sister and Lois.  My head snaps from side to side... a dizzy whirl of colour and styles fly by. 

Stop if you see anything you like Mandy says...

I like..... whoosh.....grab... the display comes too...slower please

Sitting and pushed, I shop till I drop. Back at the car my assistants collapse into their seats.

Today I am thankful that I can shop on foot ...tired after our four stop shopping trip.

Back home. ...snuggled up with a dose of Willy Wonka....chocolate anyone?