Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hanging Out With Slugs

In spring last year I scattered lettuce seeds in the soil but as green dots rose from the ground and the sky darkened, a slime of slugs congregated for alfresco dining.  Mr H did an after dark patrol picking the grey spoilers off the ground but the hard core had knives and forks at the ready and ensured my second sowing met the same fate.

I secretly slithered a third crop of seeds into the soil and followed with my organic anti slug warfare, I built steel egg shell barriers, prepared copper frames to be launched at the first sighting of slime trails. My smile was wider than four slugs gathered nose to tail when I beat them in their race to my lettuce.

This spring I dress in camouflage as I sow my seeds, like my persistent approach to a slow recovery I announce to the sleeping slugs...

let the battle commence

They shimmer with fear in their hiding places, but send a cheeky snail to attack through the window. They have not encountered such resilience before, my pilates has strengthened my muscles as well as my resolve, my pink pilates ball can crush in one roll.

On Saturday I was introduced to Ernie the Slug by Folk On. Their song delighted the audience at the concert to celebrate Jons life; Jon loved Folk On! Funds were generously donated to The Jon Fredrickson Fund for The Brain Tumour Charity

As slugs are distracted by my egg shells, the lettuce gets stronger. Slugs and snails will slither no more on my patch....

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