Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hole in my Head, Helmet and Hats

I wore one of my summer caps for the first time this year as the hot spring sunshine bounced off my head.  I used to pride myself on never wearing a hat on rambles and mountain climbs, they were for sissies and ruined my hairstyle. But now Hats fill several drawers, are dotted about on kitchen work surfaces and snooze at the bottom of shopping bags; Accessorise (in the 70% sale) has become my shop hot spot, I am an authority on Hats.

Caps and straw hats have the summer covered, I cope with the unpredictable winter temperatures by stocking up on woolly ones of various colours and thickness's.

After my rare brain abscess and minus a piece of skull; medically called - No Bone Flap, but nick named sunroof, my party piece was to get unsuspecting friends to gently rest their hand on the top of my head, then I coughed so they felt my brain rise through the gap (covered with my scalp of course); one look at their faces and I would double up laughing.

The pay back for my jinx was a bespoke designer helmet; it was hate at first sight. But I was told he had to be worn to protect my brain from injury until the hole was re-roofed. 

disguised him with a hat and would balance him on my head to get in and out of cars but immediately take him off once safely inside. Bus trips were different, I reluctantly kept my promise to Mr H to wear him when I was on my own. I used a head down approach to curious stares until I developed a grin and smirk strategy. I kept my head up and grinned with a cheeky smirk when I met a stare;  I would walk by giggling because the other person either wore the dropped gaze or smirked with me.

Now hats rule because cold bites sharply and the recent sun makes my head hot and sore; I assume my titanium plate, put in to close my 'sunroof', makes my head more sensitive.

My helmet now rests up-side down nestled among the packets of cereals, He is my hiding place for the treats I have been telling you about; sssssshhhhhhh

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