Friday, May 3, 2013

A Day in London and One Proud Wife

I didn't blog yesterday because I had been kicked round the boxing ring. My writing had a flat battery, I kept putting my fingers around the pen but nothing happened. I was forced to spend most of the day lying on a sun lounger in our garden soaking up the rays.


Because I went to London for the day.

The special event was Mr H's Graduation (that's the G for today) for his Masters degree with a DISTINCTION. I planned the day down to loo stop detail in the hope that Mr Fatigue would not start chewing too early:  

  1. Got a mid morning train - not too much waiting around. 
  2. Organised assistance at the train station - London Paddington is brilliant for this, I love the buggy and how we pass others who wait to find out which platform they need. 
  3. My Sister and Niece came with us - only told them they were my assistants once we were there!
  4. Took Taxis in London - we saw some of the sights which we would never have seen in the underground.
  5. Planned lunch in a quiet restaurant right by Imperial College - too much noise drives me mad.
Mr H looked splendid in his gown and we were lucky because as we went for photographs the kind lady took one look at me (not Mr H) and said Ah bad leg you come through here...Mandy, Lois and I shared a raised eyebrow glance..but the result was no steps or waiting. 

We approached the venue where Mr H celebrates his momentous achievement, heads moving slowly from side to side in awe of the building standing pompously before us.
Like a hungry shark, I snapped away with my camera...

We wandered around in a circle to admire the Albert Hall before another sit down in its cafe;  I was the only one captured in action...cream tea; don't mind if I do.

As Mr H was settled in his seat in the stalls, we sat above on the level with no steps, but behind other people so I stood to spy him below. They said no clapping between graduates but when Mr H got up on stage, like football supporters we clapped and whooped; his grin widened. He deserved it for all his hard work! 

One very proud wife.

Today I have cancelled my dip in the baby pool, in the hope that tomorrow Mr Fatigue will loosen his grip.

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