Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Holler and Whoop - Six in the Pool

I have grown stronger flippers since Caribbean Calypso- Kindness-of-strangers and my dip in the warm Caribbean sea.  A weekly dip-in-the baby-pool with the incredible support from my friend Swimming Sue has helped bravery bubble to the surface.

Before I was touched by the Brain Tumour, at my best I could manage 42 lengths in the big pool, but the baby pool has been my safe haven since I dipped my toe back into water.

But today the baby pool is full of Moms, babies and small children learning to swim. I  spoke to the life guard last week about BT and my endeavours, so when  I approach the big pool they switch on their Water Baby Dawn Radar

Sue slides in first then hovers as I approach the step ladder like a tight rope walker, three rungs down we high five and whoop.

The water is cool but my adrenaline pumps, I do a courage test by walking until I am out of my depth then swim back to the shallow end, a swim smile washes over my face. 

I launch myself again swimming like a bullet, my eyes glued to the end of the big pool! 

We share more whoops and hugs at the deep end. Trying to launch from deep water proves to be the ultimate challenge, I hang onto the rail with a white knuckled grip then after several false starts I am off, Sue swims by my side talking to me: 

slow down and breath, slow, breathe, slower, breathe

I reach the shallow end for the second time!!

I need to work on my 'launch in the deep end' technique; My one legged push off from the wall did not work so I wade out of my depth again and do a small one legged study of starting to swim in deep water. I try several methods a haphazard let go of the rail, grab it again, let go approach works until I build up speed with my one legged stroke. I need more practice.

Six  lengths later I am done in and the empty, gloriously warm baby pool invites us in for a few water baby widths.  I am as excited as the day I first wobbled across the Hospital Physio Gym unaided, accompanied by squeals and tears. 

Lots more practice and one to one swimming lessons and Dawns' Swimathon in the big pool will be my next challenge so watch this space and have your pennies ready to sponsor me.

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