Friday, May 17, 2013

Jumping to J in Memory of Jon

Jon was stolen from us by a Brain Tumour a year ago today.

Jons smile lit up like the sun in a clear blue sky. His young face told a more mature tale. We were drawn together by an invisible ribbon... a shared experience and the love of sticky iced buns!

I was fascinated by Jons calm aura. I am blessed that our paths crossed at a Hammer Out Brain Tumour support group and for the friendship we shared. Jon was courage epitomised. Like a stick of seaside rock he had special stamped all the way through.

Jons wicked sense of humour and his ability to play with words always made me smile; his texts kept me entertained:  “Roses are red, violets are blue, I can’t do poetry but I can make you laugh”!

When my driving licence plopped on the mat; Dorothy, my MINI, became Our Girl. On our first sea side trip, Jons grimace and puff when I suggested 1970s' music was enough to tell me he did not approve. Jon was a lover of Folk Music, so Folk Music it was.

We wore sun hats and clashed walking sticks as we strolled side by side along beaches and sea fronts. We ate ice cream with chocolate flakes dripping in raspberry juice overlooking a seaside pier. On the pier our giggles, like seagull cries, filled the air as we poked our heads through boards; a Victorian man holds a lady in his arms.

Jon launched ‘Tiggers travels’ . Tiggs jumped into Jons pocket wherever he went, wearing his Bristol Rovers hat and scarf.

Jons parents Jacky and Roy, are organising a concert in his memory on 25th May 2013 it is no surprise that tickets have SOLD OUT.  Proceeds will go into ‘The Jon Fredrickson Fund’ with the Brain Tumour Charity to support essential research into brain tumours.

Jon I miss you so much; God Bless x