Friday, May 10, 2013

Head Case - Episode Two

I slept well last night, I knew how to sleep without ripping the wires out of the recorder or off my head! Another wash at the sink this morning, I I can't wait to get the web of wires removed so that I can have a shower and wash my hair.

I tried two approaches to carrying the wires around:

1. The dangling down my back style
2, The front shoulder approach m

I found the back dangler pulled gently on my hair and irritated me. The
front shoulder was more comfortable and reminded me of when I plaited my long brown hair many years ago.

No, I am not naturally blond, good job I had my roots done before this event. 

After my surgery I was not allowed to dye my hair for ages so the grey shone through; I hadn't realised I had any! Eventually I had it coloured to match my natural darkish brown mmmm, then gradually became bombshell blond again.

I digress. 

So today the wires came off with only the odd sting, the smell of acetone replaced the super glue and became my new perfume. The clear advice given by the excellent physiologist worked. Twenty gorgeous minutes in a warm shower, two washes, two conditions and lots of combing and the job was done, minus a few hairs mind you!

Now I wait  for the results, but at least I know something is happening in my grey matter....

I am off to treat myself to a cappuccino at my second home; but no cake I am on a diet!