Monday, April 1, 2013

Energy; if only I had bottled it

Running shoes on I pounded the pavements; I walked miles in pursuit of a bird in flight, teased by the flash of pink and black...a long tailed tit...its family would follow.  

My 80 year old Mom sets the pace when we go out for an Easter walk, I  follow, Mom slows the pace by walking behind me. Children run around as the sun lights up their faces; they search for eggs, I take all the short cuts.

Energy is expensive. To use it comes at a cost. When I wake I do my first test with my 'Energometer'.  A shower is the barometer; if the towel is heavy then my overnight recharge has not been effective; a lie on the bed after the shower, I am on red. If I progress to breakfast without dropping things then my plans for the day stand a chance.... chores complete and the sofa calls.... I will have to get a later bus or ditch my outing.....

If I had known how valuable energy would be I would have filled every bottle, jar and Tupperware container until the lids were bursting... 

My energometer is a sophisticated tool; a calculation is required; 

                 Action  + Time + Energy Needed 
                   -----------------------------------------                          = Do. Delay or Don't Do
  Energometer Level of Fatigue (Zero, Red, Amber, Green)

My Mom has had years to develop her technique which I admire but constantly fail to apply. Her success is down to Cat Naps. She wakes has breakfast, does chores then Cat Naps. Shops or goes to craft, has lunch then Cat Naps. Out again, or irons then Cat Naps. Eats Tea then puts on a programme she really wants to see and Cat Naps....

I have been told about this concept of pacing but have yet to consistently apply it. Energy in the bank is for me like chocolate in the fridge it has to be consumed...

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