Saturday, April 20, 2013

Finding Pleasure in The Moment.

The pace of my life is slower than it used to be. Yesterday, the golden ball was in the sky and I was about to hang the washing out when a flower stole my attention. I stopped, stooped and absorbed its wonder, hanging onto the bird table I stepped up onto the bed to get a closer look. I was in awe of its beauty, the white petals embroidered with a delicate spot of green. 

I put the pegs down and went in search of my camera. As the tiny flower swayed in the breeze supported by its long stem, I took shot after shot until I was satisfied I had captured its purity. I wanted a shot from the underside of this miracle of nature, for that I needed to step back into the bed. My left foot ignored my request not to step on any plants, but Mr H was at work so there was no risk of reprimand...

I went inside to download the photographs.

 The washing was still in the basket

There really is more to life than work!

They are spring snowflakes..which Mr H planted.

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