Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Getting out and about Converse style

After a clear scan result I am tired with relief, I wear my new Converse around the house, the sales pitch gave me an idea:

You can wear them around the house for up to a year and we will still exchange them... 

The toes on my right foot wiggle with joy while my left foot rudely sleeps. I optimistically pack my winter boots away; the ankle prop they provided in the cold is replaced by the Converse style summer support.

We take a dander around the village to show off my footwear when Mr H comes home. The wind throws my hair all about town, I peer down at my feet, not because I fear I will fall, it is a new shoe stare. A smile smeared across my face, every few steps I remind Mr H; new shoes... I have new shoes. He laughs at me, used to my childish deeds!

Why don't you buy a pair in every colour if they make you this happy...

Our path leads as usual to The Daisychain deli, like a bird of paradise displaying its feathers, I proudly show Wendelly (our nick name for the star assistant) my Converse.  I have a pair too, show me the top, I turn my feet slowly like a cake on display. The topic of shoes rains; sizes, heels or no heels, the colour of my second pair of I will never need a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes!

My pre holiday diet fails as I eat celebratory cake and no cake NEVER.  I will need new outfits if I cant find Control, I have no idea where he has gone!

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